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Formed in 2021 as a start up by Mr. Syed Abdul Waheed,a true visionary with a pharmacist graduate Mr. Mohammad Abdul Jaleel to bring worlds best health food,derma and cosmetics companies to Bahrain.with more than 10 years of experience in Bahrain healthcare market our team comprises with robust employees in marketing and sales.We are licensed to engage in import,export,distribution and sales & marketing of health food,derma, cosmetics and perfumery. we expedite access to online doctor consultation.

Our capabilities, leadership attributes,analyzed stratagies assure operational excellence, in pursuit of caring for healthy life a true blessing. Encourages involvement of curious incredible young talented minds joining our team as together we prosper success globally.

Mr.Mohammad Abdul Jaleel energetic,passionate,industrious person.However,his amazing achievements in Bahrain ,an inspiration,the crowning glory excelled in every role of life.

Mr. Mohammad Abdul Jaleel


Our Vision

Providing High Quality Health care products of vitamins, health supplements, sports proteins, specialist foods and natural beauty products to Bahrain people.

  • Bringing wellness in Bahrain.
  • None shall be denied with widest option at affordable prices.
  • Being Number One distributor of Health, wellness and Derma products in Bahrain.


To provide the best of Health food, Derma, and cosmetics from around the Globe to the healthcare industry of Bahrain, there by boosting the immunity of bahrain’s community.

Mr. Mohammad Abdul Jaleel

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